Terms and Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Sale. Unless otherwise expressly agreed, every quotation, offer, sale or agreement of sale, whether verbal or written shall be deemed to include the following terms and any document affecting or relating to the same shall be construed accordingly

1.       Conditions and warranties. All stock is sold and accepted by the buyer with all faults and imperfections and all conditions and warranties expressed or implied by sections 13,14 and 15 of the Sale of Goods Act, 1893, as amended or any other enactment of rule or Common Law are expressly excluded from sale.

2.      Liabilities. Whilst every precaution is taken, no liability can be accepted for failing to deliver, or to deliver on time, due to infertility of eggs, seasonal conditions, fire, disease, mechanical breakdown, war conditions, or occurrences over which the Vendor has no control.

3.       If more than 2% of the number of day old poults or chicks invoiced are dead on arrival, then the excess over 2% shall be replaced or the price thereof refunded. All poults and chicks must be inspected by the purchaser immediately and any shortages reported to the Vendor immediately. The Vendor will not entertain any claims which are not made within 48 hours of delivery

4.    All accounts are payable on delivery unless otherwise agreed with the Vendor.

5.     Interest will be charged monthly on overdue accounts at 4% above the prevailing Bank of England Base Rate.

6.      The Vendor shall reserve the right to cancel or change any order, or alter prices without prior notice.

7.       All poults and chicks are invoiced at the price ruling on the date of dispatch.

8.       Every effort is made to deliver stock free from disease, but no liability will be accepted for any claims by purchasers in respect of diseased stock.

9.      Sex Guarantee. The Vendor guarantees that there shall be no more than 5% of cockerels in a consignment of day old pullets. The Vendor must be notified of any such claim when birds are between 10 and 14 weeks old. The value of such claim shall be limited to the purchase price of the number of day old cockerels. The Vendor reserves the right to request the return of such cockerels for his inspection.

10. Vaccination: All vaccine is stored and administered according to the manufacturer’s directions and is administered by fully trained vaccinators. Poultry has a complex nature with varying degrees of risk and exposure to disease, therefore no guarantee of immunity can be given that vaccination alone will prevent disease.

11.    As a service to customers and potential customers, the Vendor offers free advice regarding management, housing, feeding of poultry etc. However, neither the Vendor, nor any employees of the Vendor shall be liable for any claim regarding any damage or loss howsoever caused in relation to such advice, whether such advice be directly or indirectly attributable to such loss