Day old and a 17 week old Piggotts Light Sussex hybrid with classic tail, wing and hackle feathering. (2013)

  • A hybrid breed of Sussex and Rhode Island
  • Feather colour: white with black markings on the neck and black tail and wing tips
  • Average body weight at 20 weeks: 1.750 kg
  • Average body weight at 72 weeks: 2.700 kg
  • Age at start of laying period: 21 weeks
  • Age at peak of laying period: 26 weeks
  • Peak of production: 85 % and more
  • Production at the age of 52 weeks: 235 to 250 eggs/bird
  • Monthly mortality: 0.3 to 0.5 %
  • Egg weight: 85 % of eggs weigh more than 57 g
  • Average egg weight: 63-64 g
  • Egg shell colour: brown


 Disclaimer: All specifications describing performances of the above birds represent performance objectives obtainable under good environmental and management conditions. They are not a warranty or guarantee of performance.