The Black

  • Piggott's Black is an attractively coloured hybrid suitable for commercial egg production or the domestic poultry keepers.
  • Feather colour: jet black, some with delicate white markings
  • Average body weight at 72 weeks: 2.300 kg
  • Age at 50% of laying period: 21 weeks
  • Hen housed performance at 72 weeks: up to 306 eggs
  • Hen housed performance at 90 weeks: up to 390 eggs
  • Cumulative Egg Mass at 72 weeks: 18.8kg
  • Cumulative Egg Mass at 90 weeks: 24.4kg
  • Peak of production: 94 %
  • Monthly mortality: 0.3 to 0.5 %
  • Average egg weight: 62.5 g
  • Shell Strength: 3850g
  • Average Feed Intake: 124g per day
  • Egg shell colour: brown

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Disclaimer: All specifications describing performances of the above birds represent performance objectives obtainable under good environmental and management conditions. They are not a warranty or guarantee of performance.