Table Birds

Below you can find the list of meat chicks we offer. To see performance specifications of each bird, please click on its name or picture.

Ross 308

Ross 308 satisfies the demands of customers who require a bird that performs consistently well.

Independent producers value the growth rate, feed efficiency and robust performance of this bird.


S44, bred to give the best possible results on free range and organic systems.

Red Naked Neck Red Naked Neck is an extremely popular hybrid of several breeds. It is a very tough bird bred to provide best-quality meat without any fat.
957 957 is a tough and reliable free range meat bird, and equally at home with organic farming.

Price List  2017-2018 AS HATCHED


Ross 308 (£) each

Naked Neck, S44
and 957 (£) each

50 - 99






200 - 10,000

call or email for best price.

call or email for best price.

Disclaimer: All specifications describing performances of the above birds represent performance objectives obtainable under good environmental and management conditions. They are not a warranty or guarantee of performance.