Health Status

Piggotts Poultry Breeders always strive to provide top-quality healthy stock.

Over the past 15 years we have worked with two independent family run associate hatcheries in France and Belgium. This long standing association has allowed us to maintain traceability of chicks and history of breeding flocks.

All our chicks come from registered parent flocks which are regularly tested for salmonella stereotypes with public health significance in accordance with regulation (EC) No. 2160/2003

Every hatch of chicks has its own intra-trade certificate which identifies breeding flocks, testing regimes and dates of testing , which are signed and stamped by the regional veterinary health authority.

The intra-trade certificates follow the chicks and copies are sent to DEFRA by the associate hatcheries. We notify DEFRA 24 hours before chicks are supplied and on receipt of chicks we advise DEFRA of their final destination.

Our chicks are double vaccinated for Marek's disease MKR+HVT, plus Nobilis IB Ma5 spray for protection against Infectious Bronchitis.

We feel this transparency is important and underlines our commitment and determination to supply quality stock sourced and supplied in a responsible manner.